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Outsourcing is a widespread and successful trend that can have beneficial impacts on multiple areas of your business. But for some reason outsourcing the marketing department seems to be a bit less common and not as well understood. Let’s go through a few reasons you should think about outsourcing your marketing functions.

Lower cost and risk

When you are looking at employing a full-time member of staff it’s not just their salary you need to factor into the cost but their visa (if needed), insurance, bonuses and pay rises all add up and can cost far more to the business than outsourcing to an agency.

Hiring a full-time team does make sense if you can use the resources fully, however, you would need to be running a pretty significant sized business to fully utilise all the core marketing skills such as graphic design, copywriting, web development, PR, SEO and marketing management.


Seeing as outsourced marketing is more affordable, it is more likely you will be able to sustain it over a longer period. And longer-term marketing efforts tend to lead to more successful results. Often with more complex campaigns, it takes time to complete and achieve the desired results. Having multiple interactions with your customers and developing brand awareness is not always possible with short term campaigns.

Knowledge transfer

When working with an agency, high-level knowledge transfers between you and your agency over an extended period of time. Your agency will be primed for this meaning it will happen quicker, providing you with the knowledge needed to ensure marketing success.

Marketing professionals can’t help but absorb information about their clients and their brands, and you will notice early on your agency will become familiar with your industry. This cuts out the need to explain your product in depth at the start of every campaign and in turn, can help you strategically plan for the future.

Access to skills

From month to month your marketing requirements will call for a combination of varied skills. Your agency can provide these skills without you needing to search for a new employee. Although your agency will need to consider their resources, they will be more flexible in being able to to provide you with the skills required. Meaning you always have the right team for the job.

Access to tools and technology

Your agency can provide you with access to some of the best marketing software, at a far lower cost than you can obtain it directly. With marketing becoming increasingly digital-focused it relies more and more on software platforms that can be high cost. Some examples include creative software such as the Adobe Suite, email service providers and web hosting. Typically the better platforms are of higher cost but your agency will be able to distribute that among multiple clients.